Deemed Conveyance Scrutiny Report- Form VIII

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Following are the typical discrepancies highlighted in the Deemed Conveyance Scrutiny Report- Form VIII. 

  1. The application and the documents enclosed are not indexed properly.
  2. The paging is not done in a neat and tidy manner
  3. The application is not submitted in the Form VII prescribed in the Maharashtra Ownership Flats (Regulation of the Promotion of Construction, Sale, Management and Transfer), Rules 2010.
  4. The prescribed court fee stamp of Rs. 2,000/- is not affixed.
  5. The prescribed enquiry fees should have to be paid.
  6. The application is not notarised.
  7. The Synopsis of the events relating to the case is not submitted.
  8. The certified copy of the resolution of the applicant for the application for the deemed conveyance (wherever necessary is not submitted. (Genera Body Resolution required).
  9. The certified/attested proof of registration of organisation seeking conveyance is not submitted.
  10. True copy of the registered agreements for sale executed with the promoter, by a member of the society or the company is not submitted.
  11. The Vakalatnama in prescribed form is not submitted.
  12. The Authority letter on stamp paper of Rs. 100/- is not submitted.
  13. The latest 7/12 extract and village Form No. 6 (mutation entries) is not submitted. (Wherever application) [Sec.3(2)(a)]
  14. The latest Property card is not submitted. (Wherever applicable) [Sec 3 (2) (a)].
  15. The last known address of the builder is not submitted.[Sec.3 (4)]
  16. The registered/executed agreement of sale of land between the owner and the builder/developer is not submitted (Wherever necessary). [Sec.3 (2) (a)].
  17. The registered development agreement between the owner of the land and the developer/builder is not submitted (Wherever necessary). [Sec.3 (2) (a)].
  18. The latest title and search report for last 30 years from an Advocate is not submitted. [Sec.3 (2) (a)].
  19. The stages (giving specific details) of the title flow from the owner of the land to the flat buyer is not submitted.
  20. The Location map is not submitted. [Sec.3 (2) (c)].
  21. The City Survey plan or Survey plan from Revenue Department is not submitted. [Sec.3 (2) (c)].
  22. The Layout plan approved by the local authority is not submitted. [Sec.3 (2) (c)].
  23. The building/structure plan approved by the appropriate authority + Tenement statement/……………….
  24. The IOD Certificate is not submitted.
  25. The commencement Certificate is not submitted.
  26. The Occupation Certificate is not submitted.
  27. The Completion Certificate is not submitted.
  28. The actual list of flats and/or shops and/or garages etc. and the proofs of payment of stamp duty and registration is not submitted.
  29. The certified copy of the BMC Tax bill is not submitted. (Wherever necessary).
  30. The architect’s Certificate (Wherever necessary) regarding the plan approval and use of FSI is not submitted. (and about entitlement of undivided interest in entire Layout Plot).
  31. The list of buildings/ societies and their addresses in the complex (if applicable) is not submitted.
  32. The copies of the legal notices sent to the promoter and the interested parties to execute the conveyance deed or declaration as provided under Maharashtra Apartment Act, 1970 in favour of the applicant are not submitted.
  33. The affidavit from the authorised representative/the secretary of the society that all the documents submitted are true is not submitted.
  34. The affidavit by the secretary of the society or otherwise stating that the applicant has not approached any other forum for the Deemed Conveyance.

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