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Deemed Conveyance, New Procedure GR- June 22, 2018

OC Not Required for Deemed Conveyance- GR Dated September 18, 2017

Deemed-Conveyance.in is an Initiative by IamResilient Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

IamResilient Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a multi- disciplinary company providing Consultancy Services under Engineering, Architectural, Legal & Management portfolios.

To Obtain Deemed Conveyance of your Society Without Corruption, Please Call: (+91) 98675 84048

As part of its public awareness campaign about the subject of Deemed Conveyance, IamResilient Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers FREE Telephonic Consultation & Weekly Webinars for the members of Co- Operative Housing Societies. Since January 2013, more than 500 Societies have benefited by these FREE Services.

IamResilient Technologies Pvt. Ltd. also provides Professional Services & Solutions for the Deemed Conveyance of Co- Operative Housing Societies. Team IamResilient! has won even difficult cases of Deemed Conveyance in favour of Co- Operative Housing Societies.

Team IamResilient! provides complete assistance & support during Preparation, Documentation, Legal Case & Registration stages of Deemed Conveyance of Co- Operative Housing Societies.

Team IamResilient! prides itself as the Champion for the cause of Deemed Conveyance & as such refrains from representing the Land- Owners/ Property Developers taking a position against Deemed Conveyance.

Team IamResilient! is headed by a Cancer Survivor & as such offers FREE Professional Services for Deemed Conveyance to the Members of the Co- Operative Society having a Cancer Survivor in the Family.


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