Advantages of Deemed Conveyance

To Obtain Deemed Conveyance of Your Society Without Corruption, Please Contact: (+91) 98675 84048.

  • Society will get Proper and Legal Title of the Property (Land & Structures) in the name of the Society
  • Society’s Property will be Free and Marketable
  • Society will retain Additional F.S.I granted by change of Development Regulations
  • Society can raise the Loans for Repairs and Reconstruction by mortgage of the Society’s Property
  • Society can get permission for reconstruction from the Planning Authorities
  • Society can ReDevelop the Property by constructing new building using TDR & Members can get the additional area (Fungible F. S. I.), new amenities & Corpus Fund
  • Society can receive additional Revenue of Rent from Advertising Hoarding & Tele- Communication Tower etc.

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