Preparation for Deemed Conveyance

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This is a very important stage where the Managing Committee prepares the Members of Co- Operative Housing Society for the Deemed Conveyance.
The Managing Committee convenes a Special General Meeting (SGM) of the Society by giving suitable notice highlighting the agenda.

The Managing Committee places before the SGM the difficulties faced for obtaining the Conveyance from the Land Owners/ Property Developers. The Managing Committee explains the effects of non- availability of Conveyance to the Members. The Managing Committee explains the Procedure & Benefits of Deemed Conveyance to the Members.

During this SGM the following Resolutions are typically passed.

  • Resolution for going ahead with Deemed Conveyance
  • Resolution for Appointment of Authorised Representative
  • Resolution for Appointment of Legal Consultant for Deemed Conveyance
  • Resolution for Per Member Contributions

After this stage only the Deemed Conveyance activity for the Society moves forward to the Documentation stage.

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