Documentation for Deemed Conveyance

Deemed Conveyance, New Procedure GR- June 22, 2018

OC Not Required for Deemed Conveyance- GR Dated September 18, 2017

Documentation is a very important & crucial stage in the Procedure for Deemed Conveyance. It requires absolute focus & meticulous handling to ensure that all the required documents are obtained & organized in an appropriate manner.

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Refer: Documents Required for Deemed Conveyance

The Land Revenue Records of recent origin are obtained by making applications to the respective Government Departments like City Survey Office, Tahasildar/ Talathi Office & District Collector Office. These documents are obtained typically within 8- 10 weeks.

The Municipal Corporation Records are obtained by making application to the Building Proposal Department of the Municipal Corporation. These documents are obtained typically within 8- 10 weeks.

In case it is difficult to obtain the Land Revenue Records & Municipal Corporation Records, Right to Information (RTI) may be invoked.

The Society Records are obtained from Society Office & the Professional Certificates are obtained from Professionals.

Following Documents are required to be prepared.

  • Deemed Conveyance Application- Form VII
  • Synopsis of the Case
  • Vakalatnama
  • Roznama
  • Society Special General Body Resolution
  • Letter of Authority
  • Affidavit by Authorised Representative
  • Affidavit by Society Secretary
  • List of Society Members including their Flat/ Shop Agreement Details

During the Documentation Stage, a Legal Notice is to be sent to the Land Owners & Property developers.

The complete set of the above Documents is to be annexed with the Deemed Conveyance Application- Form VII & to be filed in a neat & tidy manner.

The complete Deemed Conveyance Application- Form VII is to submitted to the Competent Authority- The District Deputy Registrar of Co- Operative Societies of the particular District.

The Documentation Stage from beginning to submission of Deemed Conveyance Application- Form VII can be successfully completed within 90 to 120 days.

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